Configure the tag

Configure the tag

Create a new tag in Google Tag Manager Server-Side and select the recently imported Meta CAPI tag.

To configure the tag, two pieces of information are required:

Once the access token and pixel ID have been retrieved, configure the CAPI Meta tag.

Meta CAPI Tag Configuration

Tag parameters

Event Name Setup Method

Setup MethodDescription
Inherit from clientTell tag to match GA4 events received from client-side container to standard Meta events. Each GA4 event not listed in the matching table will be sent as a custom event to Meta.
OverrideMatch GA4 events to what needs to be sent to Meta. Choose to send either a standard event or a custom event.

API Access Token

Enter the access token retrieved from the pixel parameters.

Facebook Pixel ID

Enter the pixel ID retrieved from the event handler.

Test event ID

Enter here the event handler test code only to test sending events to Meta.


It's not recommended to keep the Test ID in the Meta Conversion API tag in production. You should remember to remove it before publishing my server container.

Send pixel request

This checkbox sends a request to the pixel (purple arrow on the diagram below) with the same event_id as the request sent to the conversion API, thus facilitating the deduplication mechanism. This is in line with Meta's recommendations in terms of ad tracking.

With this Addingwell tag, it is therefore not necessary to have Meta tags on the client container; only the tag on the server container is required.

Meta CAPI Schema

Next step

Once the tag has been configured, it's time to move on to triggering.