Bypass ad blockers
How to bypass?

Bypass ad-blockers with Addingwell

Implementing server-side tagging is a first step towards bypassing Ad-blockers. But server-side tagging doesn't natively bypass ad-blockers. Additional configuration is required.

To bypass ad-blockers it's necessary to load all the components you need for tracking using URLs that are not detectable.

These components are as follows:

  1. The Google Tag Manager library
  2. The Google Analytics 4 library
  3. Editing the /g/collect of GA4 event queries.

Example for the Google Tag Manager library


Blocked query:

Non-blocked query:

To completely bypass ad-blockers, you need to implement the following 3 steps.

3 steps to a complete bypass

Proxify the Google Tag Manager library

On Addingwell, go to the CDN section and click on the How to setup? link in the Google Tag Manager Web card.

Addingwell CDN Section - GTM File
Google Tag Manager Web Script

Replace GTM-XXXXXXX with the identifier of your WEB container (not your server container).

Proxify the GA4 library

If you have proxied the Google Tag Manager library, the GA4 library will be proxied automatically if you have a Google tag in your Google Tag Manager container.

Enable dynamic ad-block bypass in Addingwell

What is dynamic ad-block bypass?

Even if you've proxied the GTM and GA4 libraries, the work isn't done for a complete ad-blocker bypass.

In fact, some ad-blockers go so far as to detect GA4 event requests via the /g/collect string.


Query blocked :

The dynamic ad-block bypass replaces the /g/collect of GA4 event requests with a single, random string.

Non-blocked query:

How to enable it?

You need to switch on the Dynamic Ad-Block Bypass in the CDN section.

Dynamic Ad-Block Bypass Setting in Addingwell CDN Section


Congratulations, you now bypass all the ad-blockers on the market. As part of our constant monitoring process, if you are still experiencing blocked requests after completing all the above steps, please contact [email protected].