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IP address

CNIL recommendation

The absence of IP address transfer to marketing platforms. If a location is transmitted to marketing platforms, it must be carried out by the proxy server, and the level of precision must ensure that this information does not allow the person to be re-identified (for example, by using a geographic mesh ensuring a minimum number of Internet users per cell);

Solution 1

By default, the sGTM GA4 tag automatically sets a user's IP address to a "modified" IP address. The last part of the IP address is modified by adding a 0, which should generally be enough to reduce the level of precision and thus prevent the re-identification of an Internet user.

Solution 1 - Modified IP Address

Solution 2

Let's assume that the CNIL decides that this first solution is insufficient. In this case, a parameter in the GA4 tag configuration in sGTM allows you not to send your IP address to Google (Redact visitor IP address). This parameter is set to false by default. By setting it to true, no IP address will be sent to GA4.

Solution 2 - Redact IP Address Parameter
Solution 2 - Redacted IP Address Result