CNIL Proxyfication
User Agent

User Agent

CNIL recommendation

The reprocessing of information that can be used to generate a fingerprint, such as "user-agent" information, to eliminate the rarest configurations that could lead to re-identification;


The CNIL talks about reprocessing information such as the user_agent or the screen_resolution. In my opinion, there's no point in sending this information if Google Analytics can't understand it.

We'll remove these fields from the request sent to GA4.

For the user_agent, in the tag configuration, we'll add this field to the list of parameters to exclude ('Event Parameters' > 'Parameters to exclude').

Excluding User Agent Parameter from GA4 Tag Configuration

We could do the same thing with the screen_resolution field, but by adding this field to the list of parameters to exclude, this field mysteriously remains in the query. We'll add it to the parameters to be added/modified, but leave its value empty.

Adding Screen Resolution Parameter with Empty Value