Bypassing Safari's ITP
Option 2 : Cookie Restore

Option 2 : Cookie Restore

How does this solution work?

Addingwell's Cookie Restore solution involves the implementation of a "Master Cookie," which is defined by your navigation domain's server and is unique for each user. (More details about this Master Cookie can be found in the Detailed Implementation section).

During the First 7 Days

When a user visits your navigation domain within the first 7 days, Marketing cookies are still present in the user's browser. Therefore, there is no need to restore these cookies, as they are well-defined. The Master Cookie is placed by your navigation domain's server and remains valid for 13 months. On Addingwell's side, the Master Cookie defined for this user by your server will be associated with the Marketing cookies and stored in a database. This "Master Cookie + Marketing cookies" association is preserved for future use.

Cookie Restore - Before 7 days

Beyond 7 Days

After 7 days, when the user revisits your website, the Marketing cookies are no longer present in their browser. However, the Master Cookie remains, as it is defined by your navigation server and has a 13-month validity. Addingwell's database is queried, and the "Master Cookie + Marketing cookies" association is retrieved. The Cookie Restore solution then pushes the Marketing cookies associated with the user's Master Cookie back into their browser!

Cookie Restore - After 7 days

For this option, it is necessary to have a "new generation" first-party cookie that is unique per user. This cookie must be set by the server hosting the entire website to be considered valid.

Detailed Implementation

Setting up the Master Cookie

The Master Cookie must be set up by your developers according to these specifications:

  • It must be defined by your website's server
  • It must be set on (and thus available for your domain and all subdomains).
  • It must be persistent across all pages of thewebsite.
  • It must be stable: its value should not change over time.
  • It must be unique for each user
  • It must be resilient and maintained for a period longer than the cookie currently defined by the server.
  • The Master Cookie can be a UID

Activating Cookie Restore from Addingwell

From your Addingwell workspace, click on Cookie monitoring in the left menu, then on Cookie Restore.

Cookie Restore interface link

Next, select your tracking domain, enter your navigation domain, and the name of your Master Cookie in the required fields. Finally, click the Verify button.

Cookie Restore interface

The verification of your Master Cookie (checking the technical specifications mentioned in step 1) is automatic and may take a few minutes.