Piano Analytics
Send data to Piano

Send data to Piano

At present, there is no ready-made Piano Analytics tag template for server-side configuration. However, Kimetrix provides you with a customized template to simplify this step.

Start by downloading the file "Piano Analytics Tag Template.tpl" (opens in a new tab).

Piano Analytics tag template file on Github

Then import this file into your server container (Templates > New tag), and save the changes.

Import a new tag template into Google Tag Manager

Finally, configure the Piano Analytics tag by following the instructions below:

Server tag configuration in Google Tag Manager

You will need to provide the collection domain https://logsXXXX.xiti.com (opens in a new tab) (value to be found in your Piano Analytics account) :

Retrieving the collection domain in Piano

Make sure you also enable the Request path and Query String built-in variables to add them to the corresponding fields in the tag.

Add embedded variables