Piano Analytics
Bypass ad blockers

Bypassing ad blockers

To bypass ad blockers and browsers with strict security settings, you'll need to adjust the URL of the Piano Analytics JavaScript library used on the client side.

Here are the steps to follow on Addingwell to create a new CDN file:

Access Addingwell and create a new CDN file.

Addingwell CDN configuration for Piano Analytics proxyfication

Enter the URL you wish to access using the proxy

The URL: https://tag.aticdn.net/piano-analytics.js (opens in a new tab)

Add URL for Piano Analytics proxification

Choose the URL path of your choice

For instance, at Kimetrix, we've opted for /pa.js.

Third-party file to be proxied

Next, modify the URL of the JavaScript library in your tag on Google Tag Manager so that it points to the proxy file you've created. This will avoid blocking by ad blockers and strict security settings.

Changing the loading URL of the Piano Analytics library

These adjustments will ensure that your tracking with Piano Analytics runs smoothly, even in environments where ad blockers are active.