Install Tag Health

Configure Tag Health in GTM Server-side

Tag Health lets you monitor what's happening in your live tagging server. It's easy to see what's going on when previewing your server container, but once you go live, it's crucial to keep monitoring and making sure everything's working properly.

This Addingwell feature helps you keep an eye on ongoing activities and be alerted to any problems with your server-side tagging. So you can quickly identify and resolve any potential issues.

Add a service account

Copy the service account from Addingwell

Go to the Tag Health tab in the Addingwell interface.

Copy the service account displayed.

Copy service account

Add a new user

Open your Google Tag Manager server container.

Click on Admin and select User management.

User management

Click on the '+' icon at top right, then on Add a user.

Add service account button

Paste the service account in the Email Address field, then grant Read, Edit and Approve rights.

Add service account

Click on Invite.

Return to the Addingwell interface to confirm that the service account has been added.

Service account added

Deploy the tag

Click on Deploy the tag in Addingwell.

This will automatically add the Addingwell Monitoring tag to your server container, which will be triggered for all requests going through your server.

Publish the version

Create and publish a new version

In Google Tag Manager, click on the Versions tab. Select Addingwell Monitoring Version, click on the three dots then choose Publish.

Let Addingwell know

Go back to Addingwell and let us know that you've published the new version.

Addingwell will then prepare Tag Health, a process that will take a few minutes.

Next step

Once configuration is complete and Tag Health is ready, you'll have access to the monitoring interface.

You can now move on to the next step and start sending your data to the server.